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DEWALT DW735 Planer Review

The DEWALT DW735 two-speed thickness planer is one of the best. It is powerful and can handle any type of wood you feed it. It is easy to transport and has a gearbox that you can adjust for better cuts per inch. It looks like a dependable machine, rugged from top to finish.

If you want to use one of the best wood planers on all types of wood, you need a powerful motor. The DeWalt DW 735 planer uses a 15 amp motor. It is powerful and can cut deep into hardwoods. The Dewalt DW735 planer has a lot of power. You can see the two gears in the box on top of the machine. It is really good because it can cut an inch deep and it can cut 6 inches wide. So you always have enough space when you are cutting things.

The cutter-head is a machine that has knives on it. The knives are sharp and they do not need to be thrown away after every use. One of the best parts is that the knife blades last 30% longer than other disposable types of blades. This means you can save money on blade purchases in the long run. It also is easy to change out the knife blades because there are pins and holes for them set up on this machine for us to use.

DEWALT DW735 Technical Features

To get an idea of how this benchtop planer compares to others in its category, we take a closer look at the technical features the DW735 planer has to offer.

Chip Ejection System with Fan Assist

This planer, like most. will produce wood shavings and particles; however, unlike other planers, it has two features that help you clean up the mess! The first is a motorized fan that breaks up debris with air bubbles to speed up cleanup time. Once broken down by the powerful fan, your messy workspace becomes much less hazardous for those who work there regularly — especially if they have allergies or asthma! All of this debris can be redirected into one of two dust shrouds depending on what’s best for your needs: vacuum hose attachment or connector to a dust collector hose.


Build Quality

DEWALT products are usually high quality. This fact is true for this product, too.. This is a sturdy planer. It will give you what you need. This planer is very sturdy, and the quality of it is great. It is easy to use too.

Motor Power

The Dewalt DW735 is perfect for people that need a powerful wood planer. With 20,000 RPMs of power it’s hard to imagine not being happy with the performance this machine gives you and if you happen to have any doubts then please be reassured by its 10,000 cutter head speed which will make sure your work gets done as fast as possible! The two-gear speeds also give users extra control over how much power they want so there should be something in there for everyone.


Power is very important but it can be hard to control if the accuracy is poor. This is another reason DEWALT DW 735 succeeds – even if you are cutting something difficult, the power will still be accurate. And this machine is easy to use so you do not need experience with power tools.

Cut Quality

The DEWALT DW735 is a planer that has many helpful tools. It was designed to be more accurate and help you control your power output even if the material or wood is outside what other machines usually work with. You can see how much wood you have cut by looking at the thick scale on top of it, as well as set specific depths for each project quickly using the turret depth stop!

Warranty And Support

DEWALT is a great company because they have great customer support. This machine is backed by a three-year limited warranty, which means that if there are any defects, then DEWALT can replace it for free within three years of purchase.

Product Specifications

NO LOAD SPEED20,000 (MOTOR)/10,000 RPM

Pros and Cons

  • It does not get sniped, and also it leaves a sleek finish.
  •  If you use the razor a lot, it will wear out quickly and be expensive to replace.

FAQ about the Dewalt DW735

After taking a deeper look at the features of the DW735 you may still have some questions that we can hopefully answer below. 

What is the difference between the Dewalt DW734, DW735, and DW735x?

While taking a quick glance and the different planers that the brand offers, many of them can seem similar. Some of the most popular models include the Dewalt DW734, DW735, and the DW735x. One main difference that sets the DW734 apart from the other models is the size and weight of the unit. The DW734 model weighs 80 pounds, whereas the Dewalt DW735 and DW735x both weigh around 93 pounds. Since different planers have many features that are the same. But there is a difference in size and weight. For example, the Dewalt DW734 is heavier than the other models. The DW734 model is 80 pounds and the DW735 and DW735x are 93 pounds. If you are going to use the unit in one place, this may not be a big difference. But if you plan to move it around, then weight might be a big factor. The DW735 and the DW735x models are able to operate at a speed that is higher than the regular speed. This makes it good for tougher tasks, which come with a higher price.

Which Dewalt planer is best?

Overall, the planer that works best for you may not be the best for someone else. For lighter woodworking projects and home use, the Dewalt 734 model is consistent all-around and comes at an affordable price. Whereas the Dewalt 735 is better suited for tougher tasks as it offers more power.

How to choose the best wood planer on the market?

There are many things to consider when choosing the best wood planer for you. Even on the lower end, the power tool is quite an investment. Some considerations to make before making your choice include:

  • Wood planer type: The two main types are hand-held and benchtop wood planers. If you plan to do extremely light work, hand tools may suffice. The DW735 is a benchtop planer that is easy to operate and produces top-quality results.
  • Functionality: Ultimately you want a tool that can make your life easier. Depending on the type of work you want to do, there may be features that you want to look for. While not everyone will need a tool with all the bells and whistles, there are certain features that can make the planer more convenient and easier to use such as a four-column carriage lock, material removal gauge, or extra long outfeed and infeed tables. The Dewalt DW735 features semi-professional planer quality that has simple functions that make it suitable for even beginners. 
  • Price: Even though a low price may seem like a good deal, you want a quality planer that can get the job done. It is important to determine your budget, then find the best wood planers in that price category.

Where to buy the Dewalt DW735

If you want to buy the DEWALT DW735 13 Inch Thickness Planer online, check Amazon. They have deals with free shipping and prices that are good too.

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