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DEWALT DW734 Planer Review

If you are on the market for a quality benchtop planer you may have heard about the Dewalt DW734. Dewalt has a wide range of thickness planers as well as a variety of other power tools, but the Dewalt DW734 takes a top spot for good reason. A wood planer is mostly a single-use tool designed to help level and thin out wood pieces. This helps to bring back the intricate design of the wood as well as create the necessary thickness for any woodworking project. As such an important tool you may want to learn more about this piece of equipment before committing. By no means is it a small investment, making it even more important to take careful consideration while choosing.

Dewalt has been crafting heavy-duty power tools since 1924 and focuses on combining quality innovation and manufacturing to bring the customer products with top grade functionality, convenience, and affordability. With all the options on the market, you may be wondering if the Dewalt DW734 lives up to its reputation. Here we break down some of the most important features of the Dewalt DW734, Dewalt 734 planer reviews, as well as answer any questions you may have about the high-performance wood thickness planer.

DEWALT DW734 Technical Features

To get an idea of how this benchtop planer compares to others in its category, we take a closer look at the technical features the DW734 planer has to offer.

Motor Power

The motor power is essentially the heart of the tool and determines the speed or how powerful the blades on the planer rotate. Dewalt focuses on bringing powerful and high-speed tools that last, and this Dewalt DW734 model is no different. This benchtop wood planer features a 15 amp electric-powered motor. The powerful motor is able to rotate at a speed of 20,000 rpm to create strong and efficient cuts. With this 20,000 rpm and 15 amp motor, the cutter heads have a speed of 10,000 rpm leaving your working surface with smooth finishes. After testing out the wood planer, we found that the powerful 15 amp motor and high-speed 10,000 rpm is able to easily work with soft and hardwoods. A great feature of this model is its manual control switch that allows you to control the motor power for greater versatility and control.

Cutting Capacity

The cutting capacity of the wood planer refers to the width capacity of the blades as well as the thickness capacity of the knives. As the name suggests, the maximum width capacity is how wide the working material can be to fit and work effectively with the wood planer. The maximum thickness capacity is the maximum depth of cut the knives can handle. The Dewalt DW374 wood thickness planer has a maximum width capacity of 12 ½ inches, which is an adequate amount for smaller woodworking projects. The planer also features a maximum depth of cut of 6 inches, which can be slightly less than some larger models. The cutting capacity is standard for a planer and blades of its size, but it is important to determine what projects you will be working on to find the tool best for you. 

Accuracy and Precision

The accuracy and precision of a planer or any tool as a matter of fact is important for its functionality. You do not want a tool that causes you to constantly guess on measurements. Since wood planers remove thin layers of the wood to create the desired thickness, you want a consistent thickness across the surface. The last thing you need is to expect a level table, just to have a lopsided workpiece. We found that this high-performance benchtop thickness planer provides an accurate cut quality with its three-knife cutter head with 96 cuts per inch with minimal snipe. The end product requires little to no extra polishing, but we did found that it is more suitable for home projects rather than more heavy-duty, commercial projects. 

Build Quality

The build quality refers to how sturdy and reliable the tool is. This Dewalt thickness planer, although being compact and portable, is well-built and reliable that has little movement while operating. It also includes a 4 column carriage lock for added stability. Since the product is a smaller planer, if you are looking to do more industrial-level work we would recommend a larger, more heavy-duty performance machine. For average use, the Dewalt DW734 model features a sturdy build quality that gets the job done. 

Warranty and Customer Support

Even though the brand focuses on producing high-performance and high build quality products, individuals may still have unexpected issues. With such an important investment, it is helpful to get some reassurance that you will be covered with a warranty. Similar to the other products from Dewalt, the DW734 wood planer comes with a comprehensive three-year limited warranty. The product also includes a one-year service warranty for any unexpected problems. Also, if within 90 days, you decide that this thickness planer is not the right one for you, the brand allows returns within this warranty time period and guarantees your money back. They also have a proactive customer support team that can answer your questions or concerns through email address. 


While operating a power tool, safety is an important factor. While proper use can help to avoid injury, there are also additional components of the planer that can make the product safer to use. The Dewalt DW734 portable planer has a well-placed power switch that lets you turn the machine off quickly in case of an emergency. You can also have peace of mind with your kids around since the power switch button can be key-locked.  


The knives on the wood planer are attached to the knife cutter head, and determine how well the planer is able to thin out your materials and the cut quality. This benchtop planer has a three-knife cutter head that delivers 30,000 cuts per minute for efficient and smooth surface cut quality. The DW734 features disposable, reversible knives that have a knife life of at least two years before the knives need to be replaced.

Product Specifications

NO LOAD SPEED20,000 (MOTOR)/10,000 RPM

Pros and Cons

  • Long Infeed and Outfeed Tables: This is a great additional feature of this portable planer since it helps to stabilize longer materials and prevent snipe. The extra long infeed and outfeed tables offer 33.5 inches of material support, which is one of the top in its size category.
  • User-Friendly: Working with a power tool for the first time can be a bit intimidating, but the DW734 has straight-forward features that make it easy-to-use. Even though it has a professional-grade quality and sturdiness, even beginners can quickly learn how to use it.
  • Debris and Dust Collection: The planer comes with a dust hood for dust collection that easily attaches to a vacuum to provide a clean and safe workspace.
  • Stability: The wood planer weighs 80 pounds, making it sturdy, yet portable. The planer also features a four column carriage lock that helps to stabilize the working material to reduce snipe.
  • Versatility: While the planer is versatile in the types of wood and projects it can assist with. This portable planer is not a commercial tool, and although heavy-duty, is not suitable for larger industrial work. This is due to the size as well as the build. For DIY projects or lighter woodworking, this is a suitable planer.
  • Louder then other planers: Since the planer is equipped with a powerful motor that cuts quickly, the machine can be a bit loud to operate. This can go for those that are around and the user themselves. If you plan to operate the planer for a longer period of time, we recommend investing in ear safety gear to protect from the loud operation.

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FAQ about the Dewalt DW734

After taking a deeper look at the features of the DW734 you may still have some questions that we can hopefully answer below. 

What is the difference between the Dewalt DW734, DW735, and DW735x?

While taking a quick glance and the different planers that the brand offers, many of them can seem similar. Some of the most popular models include the Dewalt DW734, DW735, and the DW735x. One main difference that sets the DW734 apart from the other models is the size and weight of the unit. The DW734 model weighs 80 pounds, whereas the Dewalt DW735 and DW735x both weigh around 93 pounds. Since these smaller models are made to be portable, the 12 pound weight difference can be a lot. For those that are planning to use the unit in a fixed position in your workshop, this may not be a big deal, but for those planning to move it around, the weight may be a big factor. One other difference is that the larger DW735 and DW735x models are able to operate and a second speed that produces 179 cuts per inch and a higher rpm for tougher work, whereas the DW734 produces 96 cuts per inch. Overall the DW735 and DW735 models are slightly more comprehensive and better for tougher, more industrial work that comes at a higher price.

Which Dewalt planer is best?

Overall, the planer that works best for you may not be the best for someone else. For lighter woodworking projects and home use, the Dewalt 734 model is consistent all-around and comes at an affordable price. Other models may have slightly more comprehensive features but are more suitable for those that need to perform industrial or commercial work. For its size, quality and price, the DW734 takes a top spot in our book.

How to choose the best wood planer on the market?

There are many things to consider when choosing the best wood planer for you. Even on the lower end, the power tool is quite an investment. Some considerations to make before making your choice include:

  • Wood planer type: The two main types are hand-held and benchtop wood planers. If you plan to do extremely light work, hand tools may suffice. The DW734 is a benchtop planer that is easy to operate and produces top-quality results.
  • Functionality: Ultimately you want a tool that can make your life easier. Depending on the type of work you want to do, there may be features that you want to look for. While not everyone will need a tool with all the bells and whistles, there are certain features that can make the planer more convenient and easier to use such as a four-column carriage lock, material removal gauge, or extra long outfeed and infeed tables. The Dewalt DW734 features semi-professional planer quality that has simple functions that make it suitable for even beginners. 
  • Price: Even though a low price may seem like a good deal, you want a quality planer that can get the job done. It is important to determine your budget, then find the best wood planers in that price category.

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