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Wen 6552 Planer Review

It’s time to get acquainted with one of the best wood planers on the market, the Wen 6552 Thickness planer! Let us invite you to take WEN’s 3-Blade Benchtop Thickness Planer for a test drive. Proudly made in the U.S., this sophisticated planner is virtually maintenance-free and can handle rough wood like nobody’s business. Weighing in at just 15 pounds, it comes equipped with some overkill power thanks to the 13″ cutting width and 52mm cut depth that will make your project easy breezy.

When you’re in need of a new tool to help with your projects at home, it can be hard figuring out which product is right for you. Luckily we’ve researched and reviewed WEN 6552 Planer so that should take the guesswork away from buying tools!

In today’s post, we’ll provide an overview of one great planer available on Amazon: WEN 6552 Planner. So if this sounds like something up your alley then keep reading below as there are plenty more details about why this might just be what all woodworkers have been looking for lately.

About the Wen 6552 Thickness Planer

The WEN 13-inch 3-Blade Benchtop Thickness Planer is a versatile power tool that does more than just plane boards – it can also be used to flatten plywood, sheeting, and laminates with the included guide. Its powerful 15-amp motor provides over 25,500 cuts per minute so you can finish your project quickly. The onboard planning gauge helps ensure accurate planning and pinning down of material. With its heavy-duty cast iron base plate for stability and strong aluminum alloy construction frames for durability, this turbine benchtop thickness planer has all the qualities you need to keep up with your quick-paced work life. Go forth knowing that this product will not disappoint!

Why Choose the Wen 6552 Planer

If you are looking for a benchtop planer that can do the job, then this is one to consider. It has just about every feature and specification necessary in order to complete an array of cutting tasks. And it comes with all sorts of neat attachments like a stand so that you don’t have to bolt it down, chip guards for safe use when dealing with rough or warped wood, and safety features such as a key-locked operation switch.

Is it Worth the Price Tag?

The Wen Planer may be pricey but some will find this alternative cost preferable because they can get more than what they paid for: power tool quality plus value-added tools included in the purchase price. The WEN Planner offers consistency thanks to its three different cutter heads including carbide

Where to buy the Wen 6552 Thickness Planer

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Technical Features

To get an idea of how this benchtop planer compares to others in its category, we take a closer look at the technical features the Wen 6552 Planer planer has to offer.

Iron and Steel Build

This power planer is great for the home workshop because it comfortably fits on your benchtop and has a sturdy build. The construction of this tool primarily consists of cast iron, steel, plastic pieces that show its intended use as light-duty equipment.

When it comes to durability, plastic gears are not as tough, so you know that it’s only a matter of time before they break. But luckily enough with this kit from Wen we get 2 years on the parts to make sure your repairs don’t take too long.

On the positive side, the sturdy iron base ensures the planer stays firmly planted on a table and can be mounted to them if desired.

The WEN 6552 is a real beast of a planer. It feels solid, heavy, and tough with its metal construction.

Portable planer with all the power

Despite its heft, the WEN benchtop planer is designed to be portable and easy to store. The sides of this top-of-the-line machine have handles for carrying which are durable enough that you can easily carry a 66-pound piece up or downstairs with confidence. Conversely, when not in use, these sturdy handles fold away elegantly so as not to disturb your workspace space! Additionally, the infeed and outfeed tables on this amazing tool are also collapsible making storage an absolute breeze even if you live in tight quarters such as an apartment where there may only be room for one heavy item like a vacuum cleaner.

Get more power for your woodworking projects with the Wen 6552 Planer

This is a beast of a planer. With its 15 amp motor, this machine can achieve speeds up to 8500 RPM and an after-sandless finish all while being powerful enough for any job you throw at it.  Many users have even noted how they don’t need to sand their boards after going through this machine because it doesn’t leave any rough spots behind!

The 6552 will cut faster with more precision than the previous generation. With a speed of 25,500 CPM and new technology at your fingertips you can become an even better cutter!

This planer blade has a double cutting edge, so when one side loses its bite you can simply flip the blades over and get back to work.

The WEN 6552 planer is the best choice for your woodworking projects. It can handle almost all of them, and its smooth finish makes it perfect to use in a variety of settings.

Work with confidence and precision

The WEN 6552 is a dual-sided blade planer that comes with an adjustable crank at the top to maintain your desired thickness. The gauge on the front of this sleek black design and color scheme make it easy for you to shave off anywhere from 0-3/32 inches! You can also use its infeed and outfeed tables, which have heights designed specifically in order to support timber as well as prevent sniping during operation.

The planer that stops dust in its tracks

Dust is always a mess and can get everywhere, but with the WEN 6552 planer, you won’t have to worry about it. This handy dust port collector will suck all of your sawdust up from behind the Planer. Then once you turn on its blower fan, it will blow away any remaining debris as well!

Product Specifications

Number of Blades3

Pros and Cons

  • The powerful amp motor and the ability to produce 8500 RPMs allow you to work on a variety of projects.
  • The three high-quality blades make it perfect for any project that requires precision and accuracy. Also allows for a smooth finish
  • The sturdy cast iron base ensures the stability that other wood planers can’t match
  • Easily adjustable thickness
  • Has height-adjustable infeed and outfeed trays to make it easier to feed the pieces of lumber through
  • The price of the Wen 6552 planer is a bargain compared to other comparable models such as Dewalt’s DW 735X
  • It can be a little noisy
  • In some cases, the plastic gears can become damaged

Where to buy the Wen 6552 Thickness Planer

Is this the Right Planer for your Needs?

The planer you use on your benchtop has a big impact on the quality of work that it can achieve. Here are some things to take into consideration when buying one: how large and heavy is the machine? Does power matter more than accuracy for this project? How many times will it be used per day, week or year – do you need something durable enough to handle daily abuse?  Let’s break this down for you so you can find out if the Wen 6552 is right for you!

What you need to consider

Benchtop planers are not for the faint of heart. One wrong move can wreck irreplaceable wood and create a mess to clean up, so if you’re just starting out with your workbench then consider an electric hand plane like the WEN 6530. It’s small enough that it won’t take up all of your space on top but still powerful enough to get most jobs done well!

In the woodworking world, there are two types of people: those who work on a hobby basis and those who do it professionally. Hobbyists typically don’t need as much power or precision in their tools; they might be more than content with just owning an inexpensive benchtop planer such as WEN 6552. However, if you’re going to invest your time into this activity for longer periods of time every day then investing in something like the DeWalt DW734X is definitely worth consideration-it’s truly professional-grade!


A planer can be a great investment for your woodworking projects. You should consider the power of your tool and what you are planning to use it on. A higher RPM motor is more effective when working with rougher surfaces, but less so if smoother boards like maple need attention as well.

The WEN 6552 has an impressive rotational speed with its strong 8500 RPMs meaning this machine will handle just about everything from heavy-duty jobs to thinner spruce stock without breaking a sweat!

Does the Planer Have the Right Build?

When choosing a benchtop planer, it is important to find one with a strong and stable build. Some of the best types have bases made from cast iron which can tolerate high amounts of pressure without being easily damaged during use. This is exactly what the Wen 6552 planer offers! The quality also extends beyond just the base though; not only will this machine be able to handle any pressures placed on it but also that its materials are durable enough for prolonged work in general. For this reason, it is a great planer for hobbyists who frequently daily.


There are many different types of planers, which is why it’s important to confirm with the manufacturer what width and thickness they can handle. For instance, some models will only take boards that are 13 inches wide or less while others have a maximum width of up to 18 feet! This also determines how big your projects can be.

Different kinds of woodworking tools vary in their capabilities depending on things such as the size and shape you need for your project. To make sure you get something that suits all your needs when crafting furniture at home, check out this table from WEN:
-The 6552 model is capable of handling timber wider than 12″ but no thicker than 2″. Other versions may not accept anything over about 10 inches thick

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WEN 6552 Planer Review


Wood dust can not only be a hassle to clean up, but it is also harmful because of the potential for inhaling particles that are as small as 1 micrometer in diameter. But you don’t have to worry about all this with WEN Thickness Planer’s efficient dirt ejection mechanism! This machine has fans installed on its backside which blow away leftovers sawdust into an external port where it is collected by vacuum before being expelled outside through exhaust.

The More Blades, the Better

From our review of the WEN 6552, we saw that three blades produce a far better finish than two. It’s worth noting however that benchtop planers with only two knives are still good enough for most jobs and much more affordable

Straight Knife Cutter Head or Helical Cutter Head: Which is Better?

Benchtop planers have straight knife cutter heads which are sufficient for day-to-day use. But, if you’re looking for a higher quality and more efficient machine that can handle an increased workload, the commercial model would be better suited with its helical cutter head.

Warranty and Protection

Shield yourself from any potential issues with the machine by ensuring that it is backed up with a long warranty. A two-year planer’s warranty would be ideal so you will have peace of mind for at least this period and know if anything goes wrong, there are companies to back your purchase. However, when looking into replacement parts in case something happens before or after the warranty expires- don’t just buy whatever seems cheapest at first glance! Know what type of company makes them because some manufacturers only keep their spare components available through certain retailers which may mean they’re hard to find or expensive as well since demand isn’t met elsewhere.

Where to buy the Wen 6552 Planer

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